Birdie opportunity

Is this Buckinghamshire's best kept secret?

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Mon, 3 Jun 2013

Birdie opportunity
Par 4, 293 yard 14th

This is one of the few holes where trees don't bother you off the tee, combining a wide fairway and very flat green to give you that birdie chance.

If you're confident with long-to-mid irons off the tee I suggest laying with a 3-5 iron, leaving you 100-150 yards to attack the flag.

With the green not raised and only one righthand bunker guarding the putting surface, you have a choice of wedge shots on your approach, either using a chip 'n' run or a standard pitch.


A feature of this course is the consistency of the green speeds. While they're not the quickest, they give you the chance to really go at any putts within 15 feet.

The course is also very flat, giving you the opportunity to seek the pins on most holes, allowing you to manage your spin on the relatively soft greens.

I have very high praise for this course and would play it even if the green fees were £35 a round and not £25. The combination of championship quality tough par 4s, birdie holes, and well kept fairways and greens. It also delivers a friendly atmosphere even when hitting the nervy 10th tee shot in front of the clubhouse crowd.