Mannings Heath Golf Course - The Waterfall Course

Review of the Waterfall Course, Mannings Heath Golf Club

Mannings Heath Golf Course - The Waterfall Course

Waking up and watching the Lions win a series in Australia for the first time in 16 years is hard to beat but that was the task that befell Mannings Heath Golf Course when I played it. Incredibly a sun-drenched Waterfall Course managed to achieve the feat.

The first thing I noticed when arriving at the club is the beautiful 17th century club house set aside 500 acres of gorgeous Sussex countryside. By a country mile it is the most appealing clubhouse I have ever seen and is worth the green fee just to enjoy it’s facilities. I can’t think of a more picturesque place to enjoy a post-match pint.

I often find the calibre of club house sets you up for the round ahead.  On occasion you’re let down and sometimes you’re surprised. The Waterfall course lives up to the expectations the club house sets in spectacular fashion.

I played the course in early July after a patch of perfect weather so you would expect the course to be in perfect condition but that takes nothing away from the green keepers.

Short roughs, luscious fairways and quick greens awaited me and I had an absolute ball. I hope to tee it up again soon!

Length: 6,683

Opened: 1905

Signature hole

Par-3 10th 173-yards SI 14

The elevated tee gives a glorious view over the Sussex countryside. With the green sitting considerably lower than the tee, make sure you take off a good amount of yardage or you’ll be flying the green. First time players may struggle to pick the right bat for this one on their virgin visit to Mannnings Heath.

I’m a fan of par-3s that consists of a sudden drop to the green but no more than one per course is needed. There is something satisfying about holding a pose and watching your ball descend onto a green (hopefully) miles below and then walking down to fix the crater your ball has created.

Favourite hole

Par-4 369-yards 11th SI 2                                  

Two memorable holes back-to-back. Gary Player put the 11th in his imaginary world 18 holes and it truly earned its place there.

A stream winds its way along the hole before snaking its way across the hole in front of the green. It’s a narrow fairway so if you want to hit the big stick you better be confident you won’t stray from the fairway.

To stay dry players need to hit to the right of the hole – perfect for the faders among us such as myself.

A halfway hut greets you at the end of the hole and you may need a break at the end of this challenging hole. 

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