Wish You Were Here? NW Ireland

The weather may be unsavoury and opportunities for golf limited - but we can all dream...

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Clive Agran and David Whyte
Sun, 27 Jan 2013

Wish You Were Here? NW Ireland

The North West coast of Ireland is probably the least discovered of Ireland's Emerald Isle jewels, yet these classic links are among the best and most exhilarating anywhere.

Renowned golf travel writer Clive Agran and Go-Golf TV's film-maker David Whyte join a group of golf journalists to explore the region's courses - including Rosapenna, Ballyliffin and Marin and Portnoo - together with other traditional attractions.

So grab yourself a pint of the black stuff, kick back and enjoy...

If you've been lucky enough to play any of the courses in the video, tell us about it in the forum below, or you can tweet us @Golfmagic.