4 ways to REBOOT your putting

Tour pro Gary Boyd's top tips to help pull you out of that putting rut. 

golf tips reboot your putting gary boyd
golf tips reboot your putting gary boyd

4 ways to REBOOT your putting

Putting is a game within itself, but maybe sometimes we are very harsh on ourselves when we come to missing putts, writes Tour pro and Callaway staff player Gary Boyd.

To paint a picture of the stats on the European Tour, 99% of putts are holed from inside of three feet, 69% from inside of six feet, 54% inside of eight feet and 31% between 10 and 15 feet.

Okay, that's probably not made you feel any better about your own putting stroke right now, but it does prove us Tour professionals don't hole everything you know! 




Whether you're experiencing the occasional stub, nervous yip, poor distance control or many a three jack, I'm sure you will agree putting can infuriate at the best of times. We've all been there, trust me!

If putting is getting you down, check out my four top tips to pull you out of your putting rut.

Sometimes only one of these will do the business for you, but there's a good chance if you're really fighting a flatstick fiasco that you'll need all four...

4 ways to REBOOT your putting


Put four stations at 10, 20, 30 and 40 feet away from the hole and hit three balls from each station. 

Your aim is to obviously hole all of them but to make sure you're only tapping in for a two-putt trying to get the ball within one to two feet past the hole. 

Put some of your clubs around the hole to build a target, like you can see in my drill above. 

Most three putts are caused due to a bad first putt, which is usually down to your pace. Even us Tour pros all miss the odd short one, but pace control is key to preventing a dreaded three-jab. 

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