6 basic tips to unlock the perfect swing

Rory McIlroy's swing is poetry in motion - learn how to copy it

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Thu, 28 Jul 2016


Rory McIlroy arguably possesses the finest golf swing in the world right now (Photo: Getty Images)

If you are in need of some basic swing tips, or just simply need rescuing, then look no further.

Using Rory McIlroy's swing as a guide - and a good guide it is, too - alongside the knowledge and wisdom of golf legend Tom Watson from his book "The Timeless Swing", we take a look at the six easy steps to build the perfect golf swing. 

All golf swings are different at the end of the day, just ask Jim Furyk, but understanding the fundamentals and getting the club positioned exactly where it needs to be in the downswing are the first major steps to shooting lower scores. 

Let's start by stepping up to the ball...


a) Ball position
b) Stand up straight
c) Form a straight spine
d) Flex the knees slightly
e) Stick out your rear end

Ball position

In this particular shot, Rory McIlroy is using the longest club in the bag - his driver. He places the ball just inside his left heel (if you're a right-hander) and slightly forward in his stance. For each club less (i.e. from a driver to a wedge), move the ball an inch backwards in your stance. So when using the shortest club in the bag, this will mean the ball will sit more in the centre of your stance. You will also notice at set up that McIlroy's left arm and the shaft are lined up - this gives you better ball striking for any club.

Stand up straight

Your posture wants to be very upright at set up. McIlroy stands as tall as he can over the ball but remains comfortable, ensuring maximum stability.

Form a straight spine

You want to bend your back from the waist to straighten your spine - this will give you a more consistent swing. Try not to slump over the ball.

Flex the knees slightly

Having a slight bend in your knees will give you extra movement during the stroke. Also, push your right knee towards your left to help keep your right foot stable on the backswing.

Stick your rear end out 

Stick your rear out slightly until you feel a slight bit of tension in  the lower part of your back. This is to counter-balance your bent over top half.





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