BEST GOLF TIPS to break 90 shots in a round of golf

Coaches and tour players provide insight into how you can break 90. 

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Wed, 31 Oct 2018

Is breaking 90 your nemesis? Are you finding the 80s elusive? We share simple tips from players and coaches to help shave shots and get under that magic mark.




Carl Watts, former European Tour player and Mannings Heath pro

Trust the shot, pick a spot. If there's a hole you don't like on the tee, pick a spot one to two feet in front of the ball which is aligned with your target, and don't look up once you address the ball.

Use clock-face pitching. Making the backswing and follow through the same distance helps build consistency. Most amateurs' backswings are too long and they decelerate through the ball. 


Play boring golf. Many shots are dropped because odds are so heavily stacked against a player, and it's the decision to take the shot on that leads to a poor strike. If you're in trouble, take your medicine and get back in the fairway. 

Kristian Baker, head of instruction at Wentworth Club

Putt before each round. Commit to spending 10 minutes on the practice putting green before each round, getting the pace of the greens. You don't want a three-jab on the first. 

Build a routine. Be aware of having a repeatable pre-shot routine you do before each shot. 

Relax in the bunker. Don't put pressure on yourself to get bunker shots close to the flag. Just make sure you get it onto the green.

Duncan Woolger, World of Golf master professional 

- Swing longer, not faster. To hit putts of different lengths, many golfers change their tempo rather than the length of the stroke. The length of your stroke should change based on the distance to the hole, but your tempo should stay the same. Accelerate the putter through impact. 

- Stay relaxed on pitches. If you get too tense you're never going to have a good short game. To hit good pitch shots, let your arms hang loosely from your shoulders and put your feet close together, making it easier to turn.

- Learn to hit hard shots. The key to breaking 90 is being able to save strokes from more difficult places, like a downhill lie in a bunker, or buried shot in the rough. Make sure you practise these shots.