Best video tips to banish low back pain from golf

Low back pain is one of golf's most common injury complaints - check out these great strength and conditioning tips. 

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Fri, 12 May 2017

best video tips to banish low back pain from golf


One of the most common injury complaints in golf is lower back pain, typically due to muscle sprains and strains.

To paint a picture of just how common, a recent study on Tour revealed that more than 90% of golfers had or continue to experience back pain from playing the sport.

Chronic or recurrent episodes of low back pain can infuriate even the best of players - just ask 14-time major champion Tiger Woods who continues to spend time on the sidelines due to back problems. 

While back pain will always likely come and go given the amount of pressure the golf swing places on the body, thankfully there are a number of strength and conditioning tips out there to get golfers back on their feet when experiencing low back pain.

We joined up with personal trainer Dave Jordan from The Fitting Rooms in London Bridge to check out his best tips, drills and exercises when it comes to the lower back.