How to break 80: Page 2

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Tue, 30 Aug 2016

Carl Watts, former European Tour player and Mannings Heath pro

- Don't expect too much. The average distance from the pin from 100 yards on the PGA Tour is 20 feet. If you think you have to hit it to five feet every time, you're putting too much pressure on yourself.

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- Create a game plan on yardages. On par-fours and fives, know your yardages so that you leave yourself a good number into the green. This may mean not always getting as close to the green as possible. Take into account the weather, slope of the hole, and other variable conditions.

- Work on your sand saves. Use the "gearing" system, which is like the gears on a car. Don't change the length of your swing for more or less distance, do it with tempo - slowly for a short shot, hard and fast for something longer. This helps you commit. Also, learn to play with different clubs out of the bunker, depending on the required shot.

Simon Dyson, six-time European Tour champion

- Copy the pros. Watch the professionals on television and copy what they do. Try things like drawing a line on your ball to help you get putts started in the right direction, use their pre-shot routines - there's a reason they do them.

- Read your putts better. Start reading putts as you approach the green. When on the putting surface, walk around to see your putt from different angles.

- Remember your good shots. We all hit bad shots. When hitting your next stroke, remember your good knocks - how did they feel, what position were you in? This will put you in a more positive mind frame.

- Practice short game. Stop bashing balls and head to the short game area. If you can get up and down from 30 yards every time, you'll break 80 no problem.

How to break 80: Page 2

Guy Maxwell, director of golf at Assoufid, Marrakech, Morocco

- Check your distances. Measure accurately the distance you hit the ball with each club and know the distance of the shot to be played.

- Don't let your mind drift. Stay focused on the present, don’t think about shots past or what lies ahead.

- Maintain your rhythm. maintain a consistent swing speed and avoid technical thoughts.

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