How to improve your ball striking with this simple golf drill

Check out Danny Maude's simple tips to ensure you hit the golf ball first and then the turf... 

How to improve your ball striking with this simple golf drill
How to improve your ball striking with this simple golf drill

Looking to improve the consistency of your ball striking when it comes to your irons? Well you have arrived at the right place as Danny Maude, Head PGA Professional at Canterbury Golf Club has got a simple and effective practice drill just for you. 

Check out Danny's best tips for improved ball striking in the video below, and a little system on how you can hit the golf ball first and then the turf...


1. You first want to imagine balance points on your body, so try to imagine a yellow dot at the bottom, a yellow dot where our navel is and a yellow dot where our sternum is. We want these dots lined up and we want to maintain them all the way in the backswing through to impact.

2. Now take your lead foot and take your trail foot and put it behind (left foot in front, right foot behind), making sure they are completely in line so that it disrupts your balance. It gets everything in a linear fashion so that you don't fall off balance. 

3. Get yourself into a nice powerful position and hit the golf ball from that position. You need to feel like everything is in line and in balance from this position. Try to hold your balance. Done correctly, you will start to the hit the ball and then the ground. Don't worry if you don't straight away, it takes a bit of practice to make sure your balance and alignment is correct. 

4. You want to feel like you are throwing the club so the handle comes in. This will give you much more of a natural pivot and make it much easier for you to keep everything in line. Imagine you are throwing the club through the ball instead of guiding it. You do not want to feel like you are steering the golf club into different positions. 

5. This drill will help you generate much more clubhead speed. Every so often you might fall back, but this is good because it will give you the feedback you need to improve. After a while, you will hit one after another perfectly. 

6. Now go into a narrow stance, and as you make a swing, see if you can experience what is going on with those yellow dots that we first mentioned at the start. Try to picture where the yellow dots are, and see if you can identify where the dots are when you hit a shot. Don't worry too much about where the ball goes, but try to experience where those lines are. You will feel your core activating, the body will working naturally on an arc, and everything will line up perfectly. 


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