How to NAIL your golf swing takeaway every time

The only golf drill you will ever need to improve your takeaway in your golf swing...

How to PERFECT your golf swing takeaway every time
How to PERFECT your golf swing takeaway every time

Struggling with your swing after returning to the golf course for the first time since lockdown? Fear not as Danny Maude, Head PGA Professional at Canterbury Golf Club, has got you covered. 

Check out Danny's 'Perfect Golf Swing Takeaway Drill' in the video below as it will instantly help you improve your ball striking, power and consistency...


1. In the takeaway, we want a coordinated move with the arms and body coordinating and moving away together. 

2. When they move away together, we want a few lines in play. We want the shaft line when the hands get to hip high in line with the feet, and we want the face in line with the body line - those are the checkpoints we need in the takeaway.

3. To achieve this, take your lead hand (left hand) and have a small set in the wrist. From there, move the club straight back and then put your right hand on (watch video at 2:15 to see this exact position).

4. I have put a tee peg in the top of the grip to help you achieve this move - this is your reference point. As you move your left hand back on its own, with a little hinge, you are simply keeping that tee peg nice and close to your body. You will notice if there is a movement here then the tee peg will have gone away from your back leg. 

5. Get a feel for what you're doing and it needs to be as rhythmical as possible. Work it up and work it back down, so the energy is going down through the golf ball and through the shot. You will increase your power and consistency of strike. 


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