How to stop CHUNKING your chips on the golf course

Check out this superb practice chipping drill from PGA Professional Danny Maude...

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Thu, 4 Jun 2020
How to stop CHUNKING your chips on the golf course

So you have just returned to the golf course for the first time since the lockdown began, and the game is a little rusty to say the least, especially when it comes to those delicate, fiddly shots around the green? 

If that is something you can relate to right now, then you will love this instructional video from Danny Maude, Head PGA Professional at Canterbury Golf Club. Watch below... 




1. Take your left hand off the golf club and grip down with one hand and start swinging the club one-handed. Hold the club lightly and swing backwards and forwards one-handed. This will create a beautiful 'clip' into the air, leaving no mark on the ground. 

2. When you chip one-handed, the butt of the club is not moving at all. The handle remains steady, while the clubhead moves a lot. Due to some players' misinterpretation of 'keeping the hands ahead', these players tend to move the handle lots with the head not moving at all. 



3. Make sure you get the head of the golf club working a lot more, and the handle working a lot less. This is counter to a lot of things players may have been taught down the years. 

4. Now put the left hand back onto the club, but really lightly. We want the clubhead to be swinging freely and through the impact area so the bounce of the golf club just bruises the ground. The ball will clip nicely off the ground, without leaving a mark. 

5. Don't become too static. We want the flow to continue through the legs and chest as it's a lot more natural. 

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