How to play the back-handed, cack-handed escape shot

Golfers will do anything to save a shot. Here's a nifty stroke to have up your sleeve when all seems lost. 

how to play the back-handed, cack-handed escape
how to play the back-handed, cack-handed escape

How to play the back-handed, cack-handed escape shot


Just occasionally we will find our ball in a position where the orthodox chip back into play is ruled out by an immovable object - and that usually means a tree.  Or in the case above, a 10-foot drop of water. 

The result is that we have to consider playing the shot cack-handed either left-handed (if you're right-handed) or by using the club the correct way round put chipping out backwards one-handed. 

No one really practises either shot but the priority must be to get the ball out into a better position without taking a penalty drop. It's what they call damage limitation on Tour.

After all, us golfers will do anything to save a shot. They're too priceless. Depicted none better than this incredible effort from Masters champion Sergio Garcia, who was not only required to play a back hander but climb a tree in order to do so. 


To play the ball out left-handed (if you're right-handed), set up as if you're looking in a mirror, but take your grip with the head of a wedge turned around with the toe facing the ground as this gives you the largest margin for error.

You're just looking to get comfortable and looking for a good strike, some form of solid contact to move the ball even two or three yards. You're not trying to get clever or cute with it - a solid strike on the ball should be enough. 

We had a go at this recently when we took on Tour pro Gary Boyd in a series of challenges at Woburn Golf Club...

An alternative way if you're naturally right-handed and play the game that way, is to stand with your back to the target area and grip the club just with your right hand. 

Check your line over your shoulder - practice the take-away a few times to get the feel of the swing through then chip the ball back into play.

A little like this beauty from Matt Kuchar at the famous par-3 Island Green 17th at TPC Sawgrass several years ago. 


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