Stay At Home Golf Tip #1: Connor Syme talks ball flight

 WATCH: Tip #1 in the Modest Golf x GolfMagic Stay At Home Golf Tips series...

Stay at Home Golf Tip #1: Connor Syme talks ball flight
Stay at Home Golf Tip #1: Connor Syme talks ball flight

In the first of our new Stay At Home Golf Tips series in partnership with Modest Golf, we catch up with European Tour star Connor Syme and his best tip for improving ball flight with his irons.

Connor talks specifically about playing shots when in between yardages, and the simple adjustments you can make to lock in your desired distance. You also won't believe what happens when he calls out his carry yardage on his first shot! 

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"So we take our setup as normal, and I've got a Trackman here to show you my carry numbers to prove just how effective this drill really is," Connor told us, setting up to play with his 7-iron. 

"Setup as normal and at the top of the grip. Ball position will be somewhere between the middle of my stance and my left heel. Then just give it a rip.

"[hits shot] I hit that one good so that should go a little further. Clubhead speed should be about 95 or 96 mph [it was 97mph] and I'm going to guess the carry was about 188 yards [it was 188.6 yards] if I'm honest. 

Stay At Home Golf Tip #1: Connor Syme talks ball flight

"This knockdown shot would be the choice of play if I was between an 8 and a 7-iron, so probably about 175 yards normally. 

"So the first tip is to literally just go further down the grip by about an inch, and this is going to drop my clubhead speed right down. This should drop it down by about 4 mph with that one move. 

"Setup with exactly the same position in my stance, because we don't want to lose any ball flight control as we are still trying to get this up in the air a little bit. 

"This will make my swing a little shorter on the way back and shorter on the way through. That's all good. The setup is normal from there, and we give it a swing.

"[hits shot] Again, that felt good. It might be a little bit too far but it should drop both the clubhead speed [93 mph] and carry distance [181.9 yards].

"So give that little tip a try in your back garden or whenever you get back out to playing."

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