Step 2: How to fix a sway

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Tue, 4 Apr 2017

Now try making practice swings without disturbing or pushing against the alignment stick, as shown in the second photo above

Any sensation of pressure on your trail thigh or knee is a positive sign that you have resisted any tendency to bow the knee outwards.

Turn the right foot in a little so it's at a right angle with the line of the flight - this will act as a governor for the amount of hip turn on the backswing. It will also help you achieve the feeling of the trail leg acting as an anchor.

By mastering this and improving your technique you will achieve a far better transition and a much more efficient sequence on the downswing to produce your best ever strikes and even more distance.

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It's worth noting that several physical characteristics must be developed in order to not sway.

The trail hip requires enough internal rotation, strength in the glute medius (your bum) and the ability to separate your upper and lower body. Most Tour pro's are aware of this and have developed their bodies to improve their technique.

If you are unable to complete the drill without disturbing the alignment stick I would strongly suggest seeking advice from a TPI Certified Professional.

Good luck, and let me know you get on. 

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