Why creating CHAOS on the range can improve your golf game

Chuck your golf clubs all over the place to make you focus better in practice.

Andy Roberts's picture
Tue, 9 Jan 2018

Remember that game 'pick-up sticks'? You know, the one where you drop a bunch of sticks and bundle them into a random pile. Right, we want you to try that with your golf clubs the next time you hit the range. 

We caught up with World of Golf master professional Duncan Woolger this week to look at a great way in practice to help the golfer focus better over the ball. 

The idea is to lay down your clubs or some alignment sticks in front of your ball. The more it looks like a game of pick-up sticks the better. You want the clubs pointing all over the place in different directions if possible.

Now you might be thinking 'what on earth are you chatting about GolfMagic', but please, stay with us. There is method behind this madness.

Your job in practice is to stand behind the golf ball through all the random lines pointing you in the wrong direction to your target, and focus on where you want to start the ball. Try and clear your mind through the clutter and find your ideal line.

Maybe try Justin Rose's pre-shot routine to help you with this, using the shaft of your club and pointing in the direction of your target. 

By visualising your shot through all the chaos will help you settle and focus much better in your shot when you are out on the course for real. You will forget about that water down the right side or those gorse bushes and OB down the left.

After putting this drill into practice, you should find that when you do hit the course that it will be much harder for an outside influence to get you off track. You will be much more focused on drilling that ball down your target line. 

We are pretty confident you will have NEVER tried this one, so why not give it a go on the practice range this season and let us know how you get on.