Golf Del Sur, Tenerife: course review

Black bunkers, volcanic landscape and sea views - quintessential Tenerife golf 


Golf Del Sur, Tenerife: course review

You will be hard pressed to find a layout with greater contrast between a course and its natural surroundings than Golf Del Sur, located on the south of Tenerife.

The lush, manicured fairways are lined with baron, volcanic landscape, without a a shoot of vegetation in sight.

As you climb the course and arrive at the summit, players enjoy stunning vistas over the cragged rocks, parched from endless hours of remorseless sun, which lead into the inviting sea. Grass, next to dry rock, next to sea. 

Chalk and cheese, as they say – although they don’t complement each other as well as the course's features. Cheese, pickle and crackers, perhaps.

Golf Del Sur, Tenerife: course review

Getting to Golf Del Sur
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Golf Del Sur, Tenerife: course review

Course review

Boasting three loops of nine, the first thing that may strike visiting golfers is black sand in the bunkers – quintessentially Tenerife.

Off the tee, players will enjoy generous fairways throughout, although roughs often lead to cliffs, meaning you don’t have to be too wayward to find out of bounds. You also won’t be finding your ball, should you spray one off the tee. Unless you brought some rope and a harness of course.  

Golf Del Sur, Tenerife: course review

Despite its proximity to the sea, Golf Del Sur does not feature much water. Instead, the main hazard is the copious bunkers, which are rarely deep, allowing players to recover if they possess the skill to do so.

Greens are large and undulating, running fast and true. While players will often find the greens in regulation, getting the ball into the hole for par is not a foregone conclusion. Double breaks are common, and holes are often placed on a slope.

Golf Del Sur, Tenerife: course review

Like many of the better courses in Tenerife, players must bring their short game or rack up a large score.

We’d suggest getting a buggy to play here, as the heat and undulations make a carrying an arduous workout for even the fittest player.

Golf Del Sur, Tenerife: course review


An enchanting layout that could not be replicated anywhere else in the world. Volcanic landscapes, numerous sea views, and black bunkers galore.

Not the toughest driving course, but players will need to have metal on the putting surface due to dramatic undulations.

Tenerife golf at its best.

GREEN FEE: €57-€89

Head to the Golf Del Sur website for more.

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