Golf training aids that will improve your game during lockdown

Looking to take your game to the next level? These golf training aids will help...

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Fri, 29 Jan 2021
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Improving your golf game takes more than hitting 100 range balls from time to time and a few putts on the practice green. Training aids are used by millions of golfers, especially the ones playing at the highest level and you can find some excellent products this year to help you get better.

As well as selling the latest golf apparel and clubs, American Golf is also the home of some of the best training aids on the market, so we've picked out a few of our favourites in the list below.



PuttOUT Pressure Putt Training Aid

The scientifically designed PuttOUT training aid simulates real playing conditions to help you improve your putting skills. The scientifically designed parabolic curve features a white rubber target which is the exact size of a real hole. This curve also auto returns your ball on good putts, rejects missed putts and holds on to any puts that deemed to be perfect to give you instant feedback on your short game. The difficulty can be increased a level by clicking on the disc on the curve to open up a mini-target which requires your aiming skills and just the right amount of pace.


ON PAR Tri Turf Mat

This versatile training aid offers 3 functions, to ensure you can get the most out of your practise session. The mat simulates tightly compact 16mm fairway grass for your irons, 35mm rough grass for chipping, and some 35mm compact grass which is perfect for teeing up your driver or fairway woods. Made with highly durable materials, and a foam padded non-slip backing, and sized at 25" x 16" for easy transportation.


Pure 2 Improve Golf Swing Trainer

This golf swing training aid eliminates the need for a practice net. It is ideal for using any club and provides instant feedback on your swing to help you correct slices or hooks etc. The swing trainer comes with 4 pegs included to anchor on the ground, plus is easy to set-up and transport so you can use it almost anywhere. Size: 47.3 x 28 x 27.2


Pure 2 Improve 12" Putting Mirror

This 12" mirror is the perfect partner to improve your putting skills. The mirror is perfect for checking your alignment to ensure your eyes, shoulders, and putter face are all in the correct position for the perfect putting stroke. The pack includes a storage bag and pegs to secure your mirror down on the putting surface.


Pure 2 Improve Impact Bag

Strengthen your golfing muscles and improve the quality of your ball striking with this high-impact material bag which can be filled with towels or clothes etc (not included). By practising using this training aid it helps to develop memory muscle for a repeatable swing and it promotes the correct impact position at impact. This helps to eliminate fat or thin shots and the ability to improve your swing. This simple but effective training aid provides the opportunity to practice at home when access to driving ranges isn't always viable.


PGA Tour Pro Sticks Training Aid

Practice golf like the pro’s with these PGA Golf Pro Sticks. Two 46" fibreglass rods aid discipline in several areas of your golf swing. There are 5 suggested practice drills – alignment drill, gateway, putting – arc style, putting straight back and through and ball positioning.


Pure 2 Improve Chipping Net with Target

Improve your short game accuracy either indoors or outdoors with this fantastic chipping net. It has a pop-up construction for easy set-up, plus comes with complete with a carry bag for storing or transporting to and from your practice area. This chipping net has a target to make chipping even more focused or to have some fun at home or the office. Size: 50cm