Eamon Lynch on DP World Tour exits: "LIV is far from what they were promised"

Eamon Lynch believes the resignation of DP World Tour stars marks a "sad day" for the sport.

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Thu, 4 May 2023
Eamon Lynch on DP World Tour exits: "LIV is far from what they were promised"

Golf journalist Eamon Lynch believes the DP World Tour membership resignations of Ryder Cup legends Sergio Garcia, Lee Westwood, and Ian Poulter marks a "sad day" for the circuit, following an interview on the Golf Channel. 

Lynch also said he considers it's now become clear the Saudi-bankrolled rival league is "very far from what they were promised."

On Wednesday evening, it was announced that LIV Golf's Garcia, Westwood, Poulter and Richard Bland had all resigned their DP World Tour membership. 

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Their decisions come after LIV Golf lost the arbitration case against the DP World Tour over the ability to sanction players. 

The loss meant that the DP World Tour could implement fines and other penalties for players who participated in conflicting LIV Golf events without permission from the European Tour. 

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In order to escape these penalties and hefty fines, the four Europeans have chosen to resign from their former Tour. 

Their decisions also mean that they will no longer have any involvement with the Ryder Cup, as the European Team requires its players to be DP World Tour members. 

Speaking about the news Thursday, Lynch called the loss of the Ryder Cup legends a "sad day." He added:

"It just becomes more and more apparent that the reality of what these guys now have on LIV is very far from what they were promised at the outset. You know, there's no PGA Tour access, there's no DP World Tour access, there's no World Ranking points, there's no Ryder Cup, no respect. There's really nothing that they're getting other than the cold hard cash."

He also spoke specifically on Garcia, who's been one of the most dominant European Ryder Cup players of all time.

The Spaniard is Europe's all-time leading points scorer with 28.5 points. 

"He's alienated so many people," Lynch said of Garcia.

He added:

 "Sergio would have been an extraordinarily polarizing addition. So while Jon Rahm may have his national loyalty to him, the number of votes that would've been against Sergio Garcia being a part of that team, I think would've voted Jon Rahm down pretty quickly."

This year's Ryder Cup is set for late September at Marco Simone Golf Club in Rome, Italy.

It is still unknown if any American LIV Golf players will be participating in the biennial event.

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