Ian Poulter reveals he may snub Ryder Cup: "I don't know where my head is"

Ian Poulter says he may decline to play in September's Ryder Cup even if he were to automatically qualify as the fallout from LIV Golf has been so severe.

Ian Poulter reveals he may snub Ryder Cup: "I don't know where my head is"
Ian Poulter reveals he may snub Ryder Cup: "I don't know where my head is"

Ian Poulter says even if he were to automatically qualify for the Ryder Cup he may snub "the only thing that has mattered to me for 20 years" because the fallout from joining LIV Golf has been so severe.

Poulter, 47,  made the shocking claim before the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship on the DP World Tour

The Englishman is among nine other LIV Golf players who are teeing it up at Yas Links this week. 

Poulter was certainly a big topic of conversation in the latest episode of GolfMagic's brand new Podcast: 

Henrik Stenson is making his first start on the DP World Tour since being sacked as Europe's captain after signing for LIV Golf. 

His replacement Luke Donald has suggested Stenson could be facing a potentially awkward few days in Abu Dhabi. 

Poulter himself penned a £22m deal to join the breakaway circuit and has since faced a barrage of criticism. 

It has now got to the point where Poulter - perhaps one of the most celebrated players for Europe since the late, great Seve Ballesteros - doesn't even know where his head is. 

Poulter said that 2022 was "full of distractions" and the "story hasn't been told". 

He also addressed the birthday drama.

Ian Poulter reveals he may snub Ryder Cup:

Poulter told the media: 

"I really don't [know where my head is]. It's the only thing that has mattered to me for 20 years. You all know that. But when you feel like things change, you might feel a little differently.
"I would love to qualify. Whether I play or not would be a different thing. I haven't given up on anything. If I win these two weeks, who knows?" 

He said he did not expect to receive a captain's pick from Donald, adding: 

"Not in any way shape or form. Which is also a shame. What does that tell you? What is the story there? You've said enough for me to know what you know. That in itself is scary.
"And I don't know if they will put me on telly - but that doesn't bother me anymore." 

Poulter faces the prospect of being banned by the DP World Tour. Next month a court hearing will determine whether the chief executive of the European-based circuit, Keith Pelley, has the power to ban the LIV players. 

Poulter added:

"Look, 2022 was full of big distractions. And my full focus for 2023 is to have as little distractions as possible, play good golf and enjoy myself.
"It was a difficult 2022 with everything that is out there in the public domain.
"And as frustrating as that is for me - when I feel that some of it is really unjust - it has been easy to let things boil over inside. Because the whole story has not quite been told."

Poulter was involved in a rather amusing exchange last week when he criticised the DP World Tour for not wishing him and fellow LIV player Sergio Garcia happy birthday. 

Addressing this, Poulter added: 

"We always do those petty things, don't we? From time to time we fight petty with petty. These things happen. Through time I have said lots of silly things.
"But that was just highlighting pettiness with petty. Should I have said it? Yes and no. All I did was highlight a fact. There was no other reason.
"It's unfortunate. But I am having to change who I am. Stuff isn't coming out the way it should come out. I have to be careful. Which is not what I've always done.
"I've always said what I said, got my slaps when I've said something wrong, taken it on the chin and moved on. Now I'm not allowing myself, apart from the odd comment, to get the slaps."

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