Pro rips DP World Tour: "That 10% and some of the Board Members that did me"

A Tour pro has ripped the DP World Tour in his latest Twitter rant on Monday. 

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Tue, 9 May 2023
Pro rips DP World Tour: "That 10% and some of the Board Members that did me"

Three-time DP World Tour winner Scott Hend has ripped into the Tour in his latest rant on Twitter this week. 

Hend, 49, has been busy on his Twitter account over the past few days. 

Over the weekend, the Australian got into a disagreement with Sky Sports Golf's Jamie Weir.

The discussion centred around how LIV Golf's Sergio Garcia has not yet paid the DP World Tour back for his £100k fine, and Hend appeared to be defending Garcia.

The Spaniard was fined after LIV Golf lost its arbitration case against the DP World Tour over it sanctioning players who participate in conflicting LIV Golf events without a release. 

Garcia, along with a few others, have since resigned from the DP World Tour to avoid facing any further sanctions. 

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Weir and Hend's disagreement began when Weir posted a tweet pointing out that Garcia had not yet paid his fine from the DP World Tour.

He wrote:

"Sergio Garcia, who earned almost £2,000,000 last weekend alone, the only player yet to pay the £100,000 fine to the Tour which first gave him a platform to play on 24 years ago."

Hend appeared to disagree with the idea that the DP World Tour had provided a platform for Garcia. 

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His reply:

You can find their full discussion from the weekend here

But that wasn't the end of it. 

On Monday, Hend continued to share on Twitter his problems with the DP World Tour. 

Though, he cleared up that his issues are only directed towards a small percentage of the people who work there. 

Hend hasn't played in a DP World Tour event since late last year at the Fortinet Australian PGA Championship. 

He played in an event on the Asian Tour last week where he finished tied for 60th. 

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