WATCH: How to hit MASSIVE DRIVES when you next play golf! | Monday Shank Ep.2

In episode 2 of Monday Shank, Alex gives you an easy tip that you can do at home to help you improve your distance. Distance has never been more important in amateur golf and on the PGA Tour, and with these tips you could be hitting it 300 yards in no time.

WATCH: How to hit MASSIVE DRIVES when you next play golf! | Monday Shank Ep.2
WATCH: How to hit MASSIVE DRIVES when you next play golf! | Monday Shank…

Distance is one of the most talked about subjects in golf and every year we see new drivers that promise to help you gain those extra yards, but what if there was a way you could increase your yardages off the tee without spending hundreds on a new driver?

There are many golf tips out there on increasing distance and most of them will require hours of work at a driving range, but in the latest episode of Monday Shank, Alex has a few tips on how you can gain a few extra yards from the comfort of your own home.

With golf courses in England currently closed due to the third national lockdown, we feel that it's vital for our readers to know you can still improve and work on your game whilst you're stuck indoors, so check out our latest video and be prepared to hit bombs when the courses reopen.



"If you haven't already got yourself a set of alignment sticks, then I recommend getting some as they're very cheap and extremely useful for your golf practice and they're essential for today's Monday Shank drill.

"A lot of amateur golfers think that in order to gain speed they need to swing their driver back faster, but that's not the case, it's about having the correct tempo and swinging fast in the right area. Use an alignment stick and swing it back. If you can hear the stick through the air then you're probably swinging too fast during the backswing.

"We want to hear the alignment stick at the point of impact, so find yourself a nice tempo for your backswing and apply more speed on the way down, mainly just before the point of impact.

"Continue to repeat this drill so you start to get a feel for where you need to be swinging fast and begin to create muscle memory for this tempo. Once golf courses are back open, put your new driver tempo into action and see what a difference it can make to your distance off the tee."

For a better understanding of Alex's drill, make sure you watch the video in the article, where he also discusses the important of weight transfer and how it effects distance.

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