2017 TaylorMade M1 v M2 iron: how do they compare?

We pit two of TaylorMade's standout irons for 2017 against each other - who comes out on top?

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Thu, 15 Jun 2017
2017 TaylorMade M1 v M2 iron: how do they compare?

TaylorMade have two new irons on the market for 2017 - the M1 and M2 - and we set out to discover how their performance compares.


We headed to the Shire London equipped with a Skytrak launch monitor to find out. We hit balls on the range, before heading to the Academy Course with TaylorMade TP5x balls.


While we tested a full bag of irons, we concentrate on a seven iron from both sets in this piece, as it is directly reflective of what we found with every club. 


Both irons have Speed Pockets and Face Slots for forgiveness and distance. The M1 has a more compact head compared to the M2, with a thinner top line and sole. Weight has been taken out of the neck in both clubs - more so in the M2 - allowing for mass to be moved into the backside of the club. 

You can see below that the M2 iron has a stronger loft, is slightly longer and has more offset.

The feel of the M2 is more explosive than the M1. Both are soft - we preferred the more refined feel of the M1, which gave more feedback.

M1 7 iron

Loft: 30.5 degrees
Length: 36.75 inches
Offset: 2.9 MM
Shaft: True Temper XP, stiff

Carry: 159.5
Total yards: 168
Launch Angle: 17.3
Spin: 6,707
Ball speed: 109
Difference between longest and shortest shot: 15 yards

M2 7 iron

Loft: 28.5 degrees (-2 degrees)
Length: 37 inches (+0.5 inches)
Offset: 3.5 MM ( +0.6 MM)
Shaft: Reax 88HL by FST, stiff

Carry: 163 (+2.5 yards)
Total yards: 171.5 (+3.5 yards)
Launch Angle: 16.7 (+0.6 degrees)
Spin: 6,867 (+160)
Ball speed: 111 (+2 mph)
Difference between longest and shortest shot: (9 yards)




The TaylorMade 2017 M2 irons are marginally longer, but this is to be expected due to the stronger lofts, as is the slightly higher launch angle.

Both spin at the same rate, but the difference between our longest and shortest shot was significantly improved with the M2 iron.

The M2 iron has more forgiveness and a different feel to the M1, but in regards to distance and spin the two irons are very similar. We prefer the look of the M1 iron. 

Head to the TaylorMade website for more.