7 INCREDIBLE golf clubs you can buy for less than £100 on eBay today!

We can't believe these golf club bargains...

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Mon, 2 Sep 2019


Golf isn't the cheapest sport to play, especially when you're considering a brand spanking new golf club for your bag. But just because something is a few days or months old doesn't mean it's instantly going to help you shoot your lowest round out there.

If you're in desperate need of a quick fix to rescue some disastrous driving, foul fairways, w**** wedges and poor putting - and don't want to spend more than £100 in the process - then we can assure you that you've arrived at the right place.

GolfMagic has trawled through the latest sales on eBay right now to find you SEVEN incredibly solid golf clubs that will 99% sharpen up your game during your next round. 

Let's start with the driver, and work our way through the bag...


A good four years old now, but this one is packed full of power and forgiveness. The TaylorMade Aeroburner was favoured by former World No.1 Dustin Johnson for the best part of 12 months on the PGA Tour. Other players to put this one in play included Justin Rose. 

The Mini Driver has sort of gone out of fashion a bit in 2019, but we cannot recommend this sort of club highly enough. If you are struggling with your driving right now, we recommend finding something in the region of a 14 to 15-degree mini driver and playing it off the tee.

It will sit like a fairway wood behind the ball, but still fly like a driver. You can even hit this one off the deck so it's perfect if you fancy reaching par-5s in two! It's very much a club that will instill some much-needed confidence again off the tee. 

You can find this one going for £95 right now, but be quick as the time is running out on this one! 


Even older than the AeroBurner, but still an amazing driver to have in the bag. 

Not the most pleasing sounding driver you'll ever hear, but it flies an awfully long way. TaylorMade has worked incredibly hard on the acoustics of its driver technology, and you will see that for yourself if you end up playing an M5 or M6. 

This RBZ driver, however, is available in a 10.5 degree model. There is a slight chip on the bottom - but that's about it from what we can tell. 

It's currently priced up at £30, so this looks like a steal right now! You'll need to be quick on this as time is running out in the bidding! 


One of our favourite Mizuno drivers of all time, and it even received a gold award during our testing when it first came out a couple of years back. 

Long, forgiving, sounds superb and easy to adjust. 

If you can snap this one up for its current £99 price tag on eBay, you quite frankly have the deal of the year! 


One of the very best hybrids out there during our testing. Easy to get in the air, easy to control and plenty of forgiveness. 

Brand new, £50, and there's free postage. Just an incredible deal. 


One of our favourite Mizuno wedges of all time. Great distance control, superb consistency out of greenside bunkers and tremendous spin rates on full shots inside of 100 yards. 

Some slight scratches on the grooves, which obviously brings the value down slightly, but nothing too severe.

A bid of £100 for three wedges in 50, 56 and 60, and you're laughing.


One of the most iconic golf clubs in the game, not just when it comes to the putter. 

Looks in great condition, and we can assure you it's been a fan favourite of GolfMagic readers for many, many years.

Who knows, it could make all the difference to your game on the greens.

Some PGA Tour players still use putters that are 10 to 15 years old - so just remember, it doesn't have to be new to be any good. 


Incredibly, this one is going for just £1 right now! 

Yes it's been used, and yes the price will probably go up soon, but what a bargain nonetheless. 

It could prove to be the ultimate deadline day signing you've been after! 



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