Arccos adds voice commands & hole locations

Arccos Caddie 3.2 makes shooting lower scores even easier!

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Wed, 19 Dec 2018
Arccos adds voice commands & hole locations

Arccos has upgraded its award-winning Caddie platform with a powerful set of new features led by crowd-sourced hole locations, voice command shortcuts and enhanced putting aides.



Providing golfers with real-time strategies for every shot on any hole in the world, the Arccos Caddie 3.2 platform now enables users to provide fellow golfers with daily hole locations on a global scale. The locations can be set before, during of after a round and are then universally updated for every Arccos user who plays the same course later in the day. The data also ties into the Arccos rangefinder GPS and ‘Play Like’ distance functions to help achieve lower scores.

Powered exclusively by the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service and deploying the latest in A.I, the Arccos Caddie 3.2 gives users the opportunity to ask Apple’s latest Siri assistant to recommend a club, mark a hole location or add a duff shot to the score. Players can also benefit from a more detailed view of the green within the Arccos Caddie app to further support pin setting, distance to the pin GPS and putt tracking.

Arccos boasts the golf industry’s richest data set, with almost 200 million shots recorded and more than 500 million GPS mapping data points on over 40,000 golf courses across the world.

“We continue to leverage our fast-growing user base to create a network effect where any one player’s actions can benefit the Arccos golfing community at large,” said Jack Brown, Senior Vice-President of Product and Software. “Once the hole locations are set, we’re able to provide highly accurate distances to the pin – potentially eliminating the need for users to carry a traditional rangefinder.”

Arccos Caddie 3.2 uses a wide variety of inputs to provide golfers with real-time insights into optimal and alternative strategies, as well as outcome predictions for every shot played. The factors considered include:

  • a user’s shot history;
  • the historical performance of other Arccos users;
  • wind speed/direction and other weather conditions;
  • elevation changes;
  • hole geometry;
  • hazard locations.

Winner of an Editor’s Choice award on both sides of the Atlantic in 2018 - having been acclaimed by Golf Digest and Golf Monthly - the Arccos Golf platform helps golfers of all skill levels play smarter to shoot lower scores. In 2017, Arccos users improved their handicap by an average of 3.55 strokes – a rate 46.7 times faster than the average player with a USGA handicap. This year, that rate of improvement increased to 3.79 strokes.

Arccos Caddie 3.20 is available free with Arccos 360 from selected outlets at a RRP of £249, while existing Arccos Caddie 2.0 users can upgrade via the app.

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