Best Putters 2020 Showcase

We take a look at some of the best putters on the market in 2020.

Best Putters 2020 Showcase
Best Putters 2020 Showcase

The putter is the most personal club in the bag and it's highly likely that it's the one club that you will change the least throughout your time on the course, so buying a new one can be a difficult decision, but we're here to help.

GolfMagic has put together some of our favourite putters currently on the market that we think you might love if you're looking for a new flat stick.

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Best Putters 2020 Showcase

TaylorMade Spider S

Best Putters 2020 Showcase


The uniquely shaped putter family provides the ultimate in stability and forgiveness through high-MOI mallet designs.

Spider S is manufactured from high-grade 6061 aluminum and 100-percent machine milled for precision shaping. The square-frame putter head is outfitted with two 48g tungsten sole weights that are strategically placed on the toe and the heel to help stabilise the putter while also optimising CG location.

A heavy tungsten backbar is used to further customise swing weight based on the length of the putter. Coming in 55g, 65g and 80g units, the backbar at the rear of the putter is designed to influence head weight, feel and performance. The heaviest weight (80g) pairs with the shortest putter length (33 inches) and vice versa.

The combination of advanced materials and square shaping promotes high MOI for increased forgiveness and consistent roll on strikes across the face. With an MOI of 6,000-plus, Spider S offers the most forgiving performance of any model in the Spider franchise.

Completing the design is the Tour-proven Pure Roll™ Insert. With Spider S, the company opted for a thicker 5mm surlyn insert designed for better sound, feel and roll characteristics.




If you are after a mallet putter offering the ultimate in stability and forgiveness, then look no further than this high-MOI mallet design. 

The most stable and forgiving mallet putter we have ever tested, aided by the tungsten sole weights and heavy backbar. 

Incredibly easy and comfortable to align to the cup and one of the smoothest rolls you will ever receive from a premium putter thanks to the Pure Roll Insert. 

You receive fantastic feedback in terms of the sound at impact, and can really tell when you've caught one out the sweetspot.

RRP £299


Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track

Best Putters 2020 Showcase



Odyssey’s new Triple Track Putter line, consisting of five proven shapes, was developed to work in conjunction with Callaway’s Triple Track Balls to help golfers aim more accurately, make consistently solid contact, and start the ball on the target-line with regularity.

Odyssey custom-fits a multitude of players every year, the great majority of whom do not aim the face accurately from ten feet. Player testing has proven that using a Triple Track Ball alone can dramatically improve a player’s aiming accuracy from ten feet. Pair a Triple Track Ball with a Triple Track Putter and accuracy improves even more.

The Triple Track Putter line consists of five models: Marxman, Double Wide, TEN, 2-Ball and 2-Ball blade. Each incorporates a Stroke Lab shaft and the new Microhinge Star face insert.


As simple as Triple Track Technology sounds, we found it extremely beneficial in the Callaway ERC balls, as we found it so easy to line up putts and visualise a better line.
Using this technology on a fantastic line of putters has made the Odyssey Stroke Lab one of the best putters on the market.
Stroke Lab Technology is one of the best technologies we have ever seen in a putter as it increases your balance throughout your stroke, keeping your more stable and solid.
There are a range of shapes to suit your game, but our favourite is the 2 Ball design.
RRP £239
2-Ball & TEN RRP £269


Mizuno M.CRAFT

Best Putters 2020 Showcase


The M.CRAFT I is a square back with mid slant neck and max toe-hang, suited to an exaggerated putting arc. M.CRAFT II, is a classic heel-toe putter with plumber’s neck and mid toe-hang, matching a moderate putting arc and finally the M.CRAFT III is a face-balanced mid-mallet delivering stability for golfers with less putting arc.

All putters in the M.CRAFT range are forged and CNC Milled from 1025 mild carbon steel for incredible precision and feel, while deep face milling creates a softer feel and pure roll.

At 355 grams, each putter head promotes a fluid, rhythmical putting stroke; However an additional weight kit that includes two 3 gram weights and two 13 gram weights, which can be interchanged with the 8 gram fitted weights, allows each M.CRAFT putter to be adjusted to a variety of putting conditions.

Each head style is available in three stunning finishes: Classic White Satin, bold Blue ION and intense Black ION.


After testing both the M.CRAFT 1 and M.CRAFT 2 putters from Mizuno, it's safe to say that the brand is well and truly back in the putter market.

Not only do both putters look fantastic, but they performed extremely well too.

Due to the CNC Milling, the putters have a very soft feel at impact and the ball rolls smoothly off the face.

The weight of both the M.CRAFT 1 and M.CRAFT 2 helped keep the stroke consistent and smooth, fantastic for both long and short putts.

We loved both designs but if we had to pick one, we are leaning towards the M.CRAFT 1.

RRP £249


PING Sigma 2 Fetch

Best Putters 2020 Showcase


A distinctive golf-ball-size centre hole in this new design allows you to pick up the ball or remove it from the cup with the putter head and not have to bend down. This circular shape allows for efficient perimeter weighting, creating an extremely high MOI for a putter its size. Its 365-gram head is extremely stable on shorter putts. The face-balanced design works well with players who have little rotation in their stroke or a tendency to push putts.

The adjustable-length shaft is lightweight, easy to use and sleekly concealed beneath the grip, allowing golfers to customise length between 32" and 36" to fit their stroke and posture. The process is quick and intuitive through the use of an adjustment tool that inserts into the top of the grip. One full turn causes approximately a ¼" adjustment up or down, and the grip remains perfectly aligned during the adjustment process.

The soft, responsive feel in the Sigma 2 putters is the result of an innovative dual-durometer PEBAX face material. The softer front layer ensures the precision necessary for shorter, delicate must-makes. The firmer back layer offers the solid feedback and distance control required for holing longer-range putts and improving overall consistency. Touch and pace are further improved with PING’s patented TR face pattern, which varies in depth and pitch to speed up off-centre impacts for consistent ball speeds.


No question the most eye-catching and distinctive new putter on the market, but its circular design is by no means a gimmick.

Its shape aids efficient perimeter weighting and provides a high MOI putter with tons of stability that instils great confidence on those must-make short putts. 

The adjustable grip makes it easy to find a length that suits your game.

The alignment with the circle in the middle - the same size as a golf ball - along with its sight lines at the top and bottom very much add to its appeal. For us, one of the best alignments on any putter we've tested this season. 

RRP £200


Axis1 Rose

Best Putters 2020 Showcase


This is the world's first perfectly balanced mallet putter, providing better accuracy and feel with Axis1 game-changing technology.
Axis1 putters are 100% perfectly balanced so they won't naturally open up during your putting stroke. This is achieved by pushing the weight forward with a patented heel counterweight. It places the CG position precisely on the centre of the putter face and aligns perfectly with the axis of the shaft. This innovation will help to improve your putting by keeping your stokes in line.
The putter has been engineered with a 355g, 303 stainless steel head, precision CNC milled with a ceramic bead blasted finish to provide beauty from every angle. It comes fitted with a Lamkin Deep-Etched traditional sized, paddle grip for enhanced feel and feedback response.



The putter is extremely unique due to the heel positioning of the hosel, so when you first stand over the ball it feels a little uncomfortable to look at.

You almost feel as though the hosel is going to get in the way of the ball or obstruct your vision, but after just a few putts you can understand why Justin Rose has had so much success with this putter in his hands.

It's easily one of the most balanced mallet putters we have ever tested. The weight of the putter feels fantastic in the hands and it's one of the rare putter technologies that you can actually feel working.

It comes with a premium price tag, but putters are a long-term investment and this is certainly one that would stay in your bag for a long time.

RRP £449


TaylorMade Truss

Best Putters 2020 Showcase


The distinctive look of Truss putters directly relates to the performance of the product. At address, the topline will look very familiar to golfers. However, the face-on view reveals a compelling hosel structure that’s the defining feature of the entire family.

The design creates multiple contact points on the topline and reduces the amount of unsupported mass, which is intended to improve the stability of the putter face at impact.
While traditionally shaped putters with a single contact point on the heel are susceptible to twisting at impact, Truss putters provide exceptional torsional stability and computer modeling shows Truss twisting less on off-centre strikes.
The Truss hosel design derives its stability and strength from a geometric shaping that’s widely used across various forms of architecture, from home building to bridges, to create foundational stability.

Having dual contact points on the topline provides greater integrity on strikes across the face, delivering the performance of a high-MOI putter with the look of a blade or traditional mallet.


The unique shaping of the Truss hosel might be a lot to take in a first, but if you're someone struggling with your putting and you feel like you need more forgiveness, but you don't want the typical large shaped putter that comes with it, then you should seriously consider giving a Truss putter a go.

At address, the Truss hosel can't even be noticed and you will reap the benefits of the bridge-like shaping and the stability that comes with it.

If the look of the Truss putters are putting you off but you're struggling with your putts then don't be a fool, improving your putting should be the priority, not the design, so give them a try!

RRP £269


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