This drone umbrella is designed for golfers

A Japanese company has developed an umbrella drone for golfers - but it doesn't come without issues. 

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Thu, 7 Jun 2018
This drone umbrella is designed for golfers

The drone of the drone could frequent a golf course near you in the coming years.

Because the drone - formerly used by tech-lovers as flying cameras - has been adapted to be employed as a flying sun umbrella for golfers, in what is perhaps the most over-elaborate and unneeded piece of new technology in the sport (but also awesome).

Japanese company Asahi Power Service's are behind the invention, and you can see it in action below.

It does come with a few question marks. Firstly, the battery only lasts for 20 minutes, it’s relatively loud while in operation, and weighs a hefty 11 pounds.

The designers are trying to bring the weight down to two pounds and boost the flying time to one hour, while also offering a rain umbrella version. Which would make a lot more sense in the UK.