Dustin Johnson v Jason Day: TaylorMade Project (a) Spin Challenge

Can you spin it like DJ and Day? This is impressive!

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The TP5 and TP5x balls might get all the rave reviews when it comes to TaylorMade's golf ball family in 2018, but we believe there is another gem in its lineup with its new Project (a) ball.

Why? Well, who doesn't love Tour-level spin with those wedges?!

Something TP5x users Dustin Johnson and Jason Day found out for themselves during a recent Spin Challenge match. Watch below...




The 3-piece TaylorMade Project (a), available at £40 per dozen, features a cast urethane cover that is designed to offer a soft feel and “Tour level-spin”.

100% of worldwide Tours use a golf ball with a Urethane cover, while 0% use suryln. If every Tour player and Tour ball manufacturer in the world is telling you urethane is the best material, why wouldn’t you buy the only product outside the Tour ball category using this technology that’s now longer than ever before?

--- Michael Fox, TaylorMade's category director of golf balls & accessories

The ball was made softer for 2016, while maintaining high levels of control, but TaylorMade has pushed the boundaries where Project (a) is concerned in 2018.

It now comprises a dual-distance core and revamped 322LDP seamless dimple pattern that generates distance with the driver and long irons, but most importantly, supreme control with those scoring clubs.

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