TaylorMade launch Project (a) and (s) golf balls for 2018

TaylorMade Project (a) and (s) golf balls: new dual-distance core offers lower compression for distance and feel. 

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Tue, 30 Jan 2018
TaylorMade launch Project (a) and (s) golf balls for 2018

TaylorMade has launched two new golf balls for 2018 in the Project (a) and new Project (s).

Project (a) - £39.99 per dozen

This three-piece ball with a cast urethane cover is designed to offer a soft feel and “Tour level-spin”.

The ball was made softer for 2016, while maintaining high levels of control, and in 2018 it takes on the next evolution.

A dual-distance core and new 322LDP seamless dimple pattern offer distance with driver and long irons, while offering control with the scoring clubs.

TaylorMade launch Project (a) and (s) golf balls for 2018

“100% of worldwide Tours use a golf ball with a Urethane cover, while 0% use suryln. If every Tour player and Tour ball manufacturer in the world is telling you urethane is the best material, why wouldn’t you buy the only product outside the Tour ball category using this technology that’s now longer than ever before?” said Michael Fox, Category Director, Golf Balls & Accessories

TaylorMade launch Project (a) and (s) golf balls for 2018

Project (s) - £24.99

Maximum distance and an even softer feel.

A new dual-distance core lowers the compression, which is at 60 - 10 lower than the Project (a).

The outer core has a softer, resilient polymer for higher ball speeds and soft feel.

Because of the high COR, engineers were able to employ a softer ionomer, which makes the ball feel even softer.

The ball uses a 342LDP dimple pattern, which is high lift. When combined with low spin, it is designed to offer max total distance.

“The new multilayer design incorporates a softer yet resilient dual distance core that maximises distance and enables us to utilise a softer ionomer cover for soft feel and great control. We are eliminating the need for a golfer to choose between distance and feel in this category. The new Project (s) provides both softer feel AND distance,” said Eric Loper, Director R&D Golf Balls