FAVOURITE FIVE: The BEST mallet putters on the market

Check out our favourite five mallet putters available to buy right now.

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Fri, 25 Sep 2020
FAVOURITE FIVE: The BEST mallet putters on the market

Mallet putters are extremely popular amongst both amateur golfers and the best players in the world. The stability and high MOI provided by mallet putters gives golfers that extra bit of forgiveness we are looking for, whilst the modern technology now available in putters creates the complete package.

There are loads of incredible mallet putters on the market right now, but take a look at some of our favourites below.

TaylorMade Spider X

The Spider series of putters has been one of the most successful putters ever created and the Spider X is no different, hence why it's in the bag of the likes of Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson.


Enhance stability and improve your putting accuracy, with the new Spider X putter. The redesigned Spider has a heavy steel frame to provide more weight to minimise wrist twist during the putting stroke.

True Path Alignment System: This optically engineered sightline helps the golfer to visualise the intended target line more easily, to help you roll more balls into the hole more frequently.

Enhanced Stability: This mallet putter has been redesigned with a lightweight 15g carbon composite core and 320g steel frame that is 30% heavier to reduce wrist turn. Stability is further improved with extreme perimeter weighting, with redesigned weight ports that can be personalised with 2g, 6g, and 12g weights.

Pure Roll™ Technology: The thicker Pure Roll™ insert combines to provide a better sound and feel. 45-degree grooves with a softer polymer improve topspin that is created to improve forward roll across a variety of surfaces – helping your ball start and stay on its intended line more consistently.




Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Ten

One of the latest putters from Odyssey that features the innovative Stroke Labtechnology, a technology that we believe is one of the best to hit the putter market ever.


Odyssey Golf has created this new putter to improve impact and tempo during the putting stroke. This is made possible thanks to the new multi-material shaft and with the Microhinge Star insert which is firmer for a better sound and feel at impact. An elegant black PVD finish and coating give these models a premium appearance.

Microhinge Star Technology: This technology is possible thanks to a firmer Microhinge insert with the individual hinges that flex on impact. This technology lifts the ball to produce more topspin for a better roll regardless of your putting stroke. This incredible putter not only looks great but feels good too, with iconic White Hot sound and feel to give you increased confidence to knock the golf ball in the hole.

Stroke Lab Weighting: To create a new approach to putting the putter needed a profound change in weight distribution. The Stroke Lab putter made this all possible by drastically redistributing weight from head, to shaft, to grip, to improve the golfer`s backswing and stroke through impact and tempo. This major winning innovation is a popular choice around the world.


PING Sigma 2 Fetch

The PING Sigma 2 Fetch is one of the most eye-catching and distinctive putters on the market, but its circular design is by no means a gimmick.


This distinctive putter has a circular shape for more efficient perimeter weighting, plus provides a high MOI, and even more stable feel especially on short putts. The circular shape enables you to pick the ball up from the cup so there is no need to bend down too. Along with a dual durometer PEBAX face insert inspired by the modern day golf ball, to give you the best possible feel and touch around the green.

Adjustable Shaft Technology: Research into putting suggests that 8-10 golfers are playing the wrong length putter shaft which can have dramatic effects on your short game. PING engineers have innovatively designed this new putter with an adjustable length shaft, which keeps the grip perfectly aligned during the process to keep you square at putting position. This can be adjusted with a torque wrench supplied with the putter, adjustable at the top of the grip, to a range between 32” to 36” to find you perfect fit every time.


Axis1 Rose

This putter comes with a premium price tag but this is the world's first perfectly balanced mallet putter, providing better accuracy and feel with Axis1 game-changing technology. It's currently in the bag of former World No.1, 2013 US Open champion and Olympic Gold Medal winner Justin Rose.


Axis1 putters are 100% perfectly balanced so they won't naturally open up during your putting stroke. This is achieved by pushing the weight forward with a patented heel counterweight. It places the CG position precisely on the centre of the putter face and aligns perfectly with the axis of the shaft. This innovation will help to improve your putting by keeping your stokes in line.

The putter has been engineered with a 355g, 303 stainless steel head, precision CNC milled with a ceramic bead blasted finish to provide beauty from every angle. It comes fitted with a Lamkin Deep-Etched traditional sized, paddle grip for enhanced feel and feedback response.


Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 8.5

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 8.5 has been flying off the shelves and has been labelled by golfers as possibly the best mallet putter the brand has ever produced.


The Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X putter range offers a major advancement in putting performance, to give all golfers will have unbelievable confidence on the greens. This mallet style putter range is exceptionally easy to align with new racing-inspired neon yellow lines, and a 6061 aircraft aluminium face in anodized black to provide a super soft feel for instant feedback.

Tour Preferred Alignment: To align the ball this putter features Tour Preferred Alignment to give you full confidence at address position. With racing-inspired sight lines and triple dots in neon yellow paintwork that align and frame the sweet spot of the putter for more consistent putts.

Multi-Material Components: The putter has been constructed with multi-metal components, aluminium and steel all weighted and shaped perfectly to inspire confidence over your putting stroke.

Solid Face Technology: Each Phantom X putter has been constructed with Solid Face Technology, an anodized black aircraft aluminium face that extends to the flange to provide a beautiful soft feel that players prefer.