First Look: Tour Edge Exotics CBX Iron-Wood

CBX Iron-Woods are all about distance. 

Andy Roberts's picture
Mon, 11 Sep 2017

Distance, distance and a little bit more distance. That pretty much sums up the new Tour Edge Exotics CBX Iron-Wood.

Already in the bags of a number of PGA Tour and Champions Tour players, the new CBX Iron-Woods are designed as an alternative to a golfer’s hybrids or long irons.

Their hollow-bodied design gives them an iron-like look, but their unique, rounded soles helps them glide through the turf like a hybrid.

But what they excel in the most is distance. 

They've also been designed with a new L-shape club face that features a high-tensile HT-980 steel. It pushes the CT (characteristic time) of the clubs, and measurement of spring-like effect, to the legal limit set by the USGA, according to Exotics.

Given their power-packed presence, the new Exotics clubs would seem a perfect fit for someone currently struggling with their woods from the tee. 

The bottom of the L-shape club face also acts as a “hinge,” allowing the entire club face to flex at impact.

The design allowed Exotics to make the leading edge of the club thinner, promoting more consistent distance on shots contacted across the club face.

The CBX Iron-Wood will come in four lofts of 2 iron (17 degrees), 3 iron (19 degrees), 4 iron (22 degrees) and 5 iron (25 degrees) in two finishes of either Stainless Steel ($199.99) or limited-edition Black Peal ($249.99).

The stock shafts are the Project X HZRDUS series and Mitsubishi Rayon’s Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core.

To learn more about Tour Edge golf clubs click here, or check out their UK website.