FIRST LOOK: Vice Golf Shell Travel Cover

Vice Golf launches its first ever golf travel cover.

FIRST LOOK: Vice Golf Shell Travel Cover

Vice Golf has rolled out its first ever SHELL Travel Cover that has been developed to meet the demands and expectations of well travelled golfers, and thankfully it comes at an outstanding price too! 

The long walk from the plane to the bulk luggage counter next to the belts is nothing less than torture, all the while feverishly hoping that your clubs arrived unscathed - and all too often, that’s when the true nightmare starts with a broken shaft followed by a series of reimbursement forms. 

The new SHELL travel cover, however, will give you and your clubs the smoothest possible ride from the airport to the golf course.

FIRST LOOK: Vice Golf Shell Travel Cover

Vice Golf tells us its SHELL travel cover is the result of numerous discussions with experts, friends, and golfing holidaymakers. 



As a result, the SHELL travel cover features a number of key features including special protection of the club heads and shafts, a zipper with lock application, a robust, water-resistant material, a smooth roll on any surface with its 6-roller system, and ample space for other golfing equipment such as a carry bag, shoes and accessories. 

The new Vice Golf Shell Travel Cover is available only at at £109.95

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