Garmin launch Approach Z80

Garmin Approach Z80: the most complete rangefinder on the market. 

Garmin launch Approach Z80

Garmin has launched the Approach Z80, an integrated laser range finder with GPS.

The device offers yardages up to 350 yards and they are accurate to the pin +/- 10 inches.

There’s also additional innovative graphical features such as course maps added to the viewfinder so players can see distances to hazards and layups as well as the true shape of the green on over 41,000 courses worldwide.

Unlike traditional laser range finders, the Approach Z80 provides 2-D overlays for both full-colour Course View and Green View detail through the lens.

When looking through the viewfinder, a full-colour 2-D Course View mapping is displayed on the left-hand side of the lens view, showing distances to hazards and the green.

Garmin launch Approach Z80

“We have engineered the Approach Z80 to be the most precise and accurate laser range finder on the market today,” said Martin Resch, Garmin Product Manager for EMEA Outdoor.

“Combined with our leading GPS technology and overlaid 2-D course mapping with distances to hazards and the green, it takes the guesswork out of your game.”

The flag finder feature will lock on the flag to give precise distances to the pin. Simultaneously the map will automatically zoom in to show the position of the green overlaid in 2-D and distances to the front and back.

Garmin launch Approach Z80

The Laser Range Arc will be drawn on the green at the distance ranged to the flag, so the golfer can see if the pin is in the front, middle, or back of the green. The arc can also be used to see what else is in play when ranging other targets on the course.

Additionally, the Approach Z80 will automatically determine what hole the player is on to give accurate course layout and par information.

The PlaysLike Distance feature adjusts distances based on an uphill or downhill slope, so the user can select the best club for the situation. When a golfer finds themselves with a blind shot, the device will give the direction and distance to the center of the green using the Pin Pointer feature.

Easily turn the tournament mode switch on to make the device tournament legal, then turn it off to enable the PlaysLike and Pin Pointer features. Players will be able to utilise all these features without having to take their eye out of the viewfinder.

The Approach Z80 has built-in image stabilization to reduce shakiness, and 6X magnification. Lightweight and compact, the Approach Z80 comes with a convenient carrying case with carabiner.

Price: £549.99

Head to the Garmin website for more.

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