Golf Tees: Plastic or Wooden - which ones do you use on the course?

GolfMagic readers debate plastic tees and wooden tees...

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Fri, 16 Oct 2020

Golf Tees: Plastic or Wooden - which ones do you use on the course?

Golf tees might come in all different shapes and sizes in 2020, but which ones do you prefer to use on the course? Obviously the length of tee will very much depend on the shot in question, as most players tee the ball up a lot higher with the driver than they would do with an 8-iron into a par-3. 

Yes, we know there are new golf tees out there in the shape of OCEAN bamboo tees that are much better for the environment, however this latest head-to-head was a simple matchup between the more traditional plastic and wooden tees that have stood the test of time. We posed the question on our Instagram and Facebook channels to learn more about your preferences on the tee box...

As you can see from the results of our latest Instagram poll, 81% of our followers prefer to use the standard wooden tee when they're out on the course, while just 19% favour a plastic tee. 

"Wooden only for me," said one golf fan. "Anything else is just wrong."

Another golfer said: "Wooden. Plastic is for beginners."

"Always played plastic tees but switched to wooden tees recently and it feels better for some reason," said one golfer. 

"Wooden definitely as plastic effects the launch to much," said another golfer. 

Another simply said: "I just use what I find on the floor!"

Of the minority of plastic fans, one golfer said: "I play with a pink plastic tee on the driver, but snapped wooden tees for my irons."

"Pink plastic for me but only because it's the perfect height for my driver every single time."

Other golfers claimed they were just more interested about their score than their choice of tee: "I really couldn't care less as long as it works. I'm more interested in what my score looks like than what some 25 handicapper thinks about the tee I hit my ball off."

Some golfers out there just hate losing golf tees, full stop. 

Another said: "I've played with (generally old) guys who are equally concerned about where their tee went as where their ball went."

Which golf tees do you prefer using? Share your thoughts and comments on our social media channels now.