How to spot fake golf clubs: 10 things to check

Whether you are buying first or second hand, go through this checklist to make sure you're not being duped

How to spot a fake golf club
How to spot a fake golf club

Counterfeit products are big business - fake Rolex watches, Gucci handbags and Prada shoes can be found easily worldwide. And golf has now been engulfed by the issue.

Whether buying brand new or second hand, golfers must be careful not to buy knock-off products which litter the market in 2017.

While the untrained eye may not be able to spot the differences between fake and real, there are some simple checks every customer can do to make sure they are buying the genuine article.

We’ve listed 10 to help you separate the premium product from the pretender.  

How to spot fake golf clubs: 10 things to check

Check the headcover closely
1. Poor quality headcovers

Inspect the headcover closely - what is the stitching like? Are the colours identical to the real thing? Is it the same material being used?

A second hand older club may come with a slightly scuffed headcover, but if it’s falling apart, alarm bells should be ringing.

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