Ian Poulter CS2 Putting Matt

Ian Poulter CS2 Putting Matt can also mimic breaking putts

Ian Poulter CS2 Putting Matt

Ian Poulter CS2 Putting MattIan Poulter CS2 Putting Matt

The Ian Poulter CS2 Putting Matt focuses on a consistent stroke path and square face at impact.

Complete with a 30-minute routine devised by the Englishman, the device boasts adjustable rails, which is suitable to a straight back and through, or arcing stroke.

There is also the option to use a string alignment, which helps the golfer stay over the ball and understand the break of a putt.

To add this feature, foam inserts can be used to change the camber of the matt to mimic breaking putts.

“A great putter knows that every putt is a straight putt, it is your pace that will determine whether or not you make the putt,” said Poulter.

The matt compliments the Ian Poulter CS2 Putting Aid, which ensures players are getting through the impact area with a straight face.

Price: £59.99

To buy, visit the Golf Tech website.

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