Ian Poulter shuts down IJP Design

Ian Poulter's IJP Design online shop closes down after 10 years in business.

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Wed, 8 Mar 2017

Ian Poulter has decided to shut down his IJP Design clothing line after 10 years of business.

Poulter explains his decision in a short note on social media, saying that IJP Design has “been unable to justify its continuation after many years of investing in the business and a number of attempts to reshape it against an ever increasingly competitive landscape.”

When Poulter launched IJP Design in 2007, he said it had been his lifelong dream to create his own line of clothing.

His mother managed a clothing store, he sold clothes at London’s Stevenage Market before turning pro, and he’d always admired the more well-dressed professional golfers over their less stylish counterparts.

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Initial success of IJP Design led Poulter to expand his clothing line from the UK and the United States to China in 2009, and in addition to designing clothes for men, he eventually added collections for women and children.

But while Europeans seemed keen on adopting Poulter's style, he always struggled to grab a significant market share in the US, which is rooted, he says, in Americans’ resistance to the European way of dressing.

If you're a fan of IJP Design clothing, you can pick up some bargains from now until April 2, with some items priced at under £10.