This KBS TD Driver Shaft Fitting TRANSFORMED My Golf Game!

Alex from GolfMagic went to Custom Golf Works Sunningdale to get a special KBS TD Driver shaft fitting to improve his long game.

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Fri, 27 May 2022
This KBS TD Driver Shaft Fitting TRANSFORMED My Golf Game!

Alex from GolfMagic had a shaft fitting session with Mark Duncombe at Custom Golf Works Sunningdale to discover the performance of KBS TD shafts.

Alex's current shaft is a Fujikura Speeder 757 Tour X shaft with a TaylorMade Stealth head. He tells Mark that his bad shot is a drive that is low and left.

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Mark outlines that Alex doesn't need a distance injection, but his total driving consistency could benefit from a KBS shaft fitting.

Firstly, Alex and Mark applied the KBS TD 70g category 5 shaft. The aim was to decrease the spin on Alex's drives which Mark pointed out as a focal point of the session.


Alex found his quickest ball speed with this shaft after only a couple of shots. Mark moved the weight towards the heel in the TaylorMade Stealth head and closed the face by half a degree.

In this way, it helped Alex to rotate the face to improve his ball-striking and dispersion. Mark advised Alex to change the shafts to 60g instead of 70g to increase the launch of his drives.

The shaft began to instil stability and by dropping the shaft in weight, Alex's ball speed increased and he broke the 170 mph ball speed barrier.

However, Mark wanted to move Alex back to the KBS TD 70g shaft in order to tighten up the dispersion to avoid widening his misses to the left and right and increasing side spin.

Alex didn't struggle with distance, but Mark wanted to narrow down his misses and this is an example of how a shaft fitting can improve your long game. A shaft fitting session can optimise your ball speed, dispersion and spin.


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