Lamkin unveils Z5 golf grip

New Lamkin Z5 golf grip has five zones, filling a variety of functions

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Fri, 3 Feb 2017

Lamkin has unveiled its new Z5 golf grip, featuring five different zones.


Using multiple compounds, textures and colours, the Z5 grip has a horizontal pattern and soft cord weave under the upper hand for stability and traction, while a micro texture at the bottom improves feel and comfort for the lower hand.

Patterns and a simulated rope texture in the middle zone promotes proper hand pressure and placement.

“This is the most advanced grip Lamkin has ever produced, as our team of engineers scientifically broke down the key characteristics required to properly support the top and bottom hands during the swing,” says Bob Lamkin, President and CEO of Lamkin.

“We developed unique patterns, compounds, and textures for the Z5 that enhance feel and incorporate alignment aides to increase confidence and consistency with every shot.”

Made from a propriety rubber compound that is designed to offer durability, feedback and torsion control, the grip is designed for all weather conditions.

Lamkin unveils Z5 golf grip

Function of the five zones

  • 1-2 feature soft cord weave for top hand traction, comfort in all weather
  • 3 includes two FingerLock panels to ensure thumb is in optimal position, while simulated rope texture offers tactile response to enhance club control
  • 4-5 offer feel for lower hand thanks to micro texture and V-shaped dividing grooves for consistent hand positioning

Colours: Red, black, blue
Size: standard or mid size

Available: February
Price: £12.99 per grip

Head to the Lamkin site for more.