Manors Golf - reintroducing style into golf

Get to know Manors Golf, one of the latest fashion brands bringing something different to the sport.

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Wed, 20 Nov 2019
Manors Golf - reintroducing style into golf

Manors Golf is an innovative brand that’s reintroducing style into the game of golf. Classic style can often get lost in the modern era of golf with all its technology, but Manors Golf’s latest TSH collection (The Scottish Highlands), reinvents fashion like you’ve never seen in the sport before. We recently attended the TSH launch event, where we saw some of the latest garments and got to learn more about this refreshing brand.

GolfMagic sat down with one of the co-founders of Manors Golf, Jojo Regan, to get the inside scoop. 

How did Manors Golf start?

Quite simply, Manors was born out of a frustration with the lack of diversity in the clothing market. Everything is set to cater for the professional game, with compression focused technical fabrics, every element supposedly designed to maximise your game and your performance. We just didn’t share this attitude or outlook on the game. We play for the sheer enjoyment, it’s a fun social day out. Wearing clothes that supposedly enhanced your game just felt like it was missing the point for why most people play golf.

What are you setting out to provide golfers? 

The goal was and is to develop a product that is engineered for the modern golfer, yet fashion focused and would be a genuine on-and-off the course option. We are inspired by many of the golfing greats from the 70’s and 80’s. Icons like Arnold Palmer and Ben Hogan, who didn’t just shoot low scores, but looked damn good doing it. We just want to offer a genuine alternative to the technically focused offering that the big brands have honed in on. Something that you don’t feel embarrassed to be seen in away from the course.

Can you tell us about the Icon collection?

Our Icon collection draws inspiration from some of golf's most famous silhouettes. We worked with a talented graphic designer to create bespoke illustrations and are really proud of how the product has ended up. Everything continues to be made in the UK and it took us weeks of sampling until we found embroiderers talented enough to achieve our desired level of detail at the size we wanted.

Do you see any similarities between yourself and any other brands?

The majors.. your Nikes, Adidas, Under Armour etc. have dominated the market for some time now. However, the space is evolving and even since we launched our first collection in June this year, we have seen more and more challenger brands entering the market. Naturally we are going to get compared to some brands out there but honestly we take more inspiration from brands outside of the game. We look to bring their ethos into the sport to continue to evolve the perception of the game whilst maintaining our own individuality.

What do you think about fashion in the golf industry at present?

Golf has lost its sex appeal and timelessness. Whilst other sports were evolving, golf clothing felt like it has been stuck in a out-dated club pro-shop, marketed to middle aged guys whose sense of style had been MIA for 20 years. The game is heavily focused on the technical end of the spectrum and that just doesn't align with our sense of style. However, we are not naive in thinking there is also a demand for that type of product - we are cool with the fact that people want to go out there in the same outfit as Rory and Tiger and not everyone is going to buy into what we are doing.

We will continue to focus our resources on the lifestyle angle to our product. Change is on the horizon - you just have to look at what Nike has done with it's Off-White collab to sense the big boys are more open minded than ever.

Can you give us any more information on what we can expect from Manors golf in the future?

Next year will provide us the opportunity to capitalise on the success so far. Without giving too much away, we are excited about the potential in golf right now and are looking forward to 2020.

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