Meet the revolutionary new golf towel that cleans your ball

Want a 100% clean golf ball every time you play a round of golf? This one is for you...

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Fri, 4 Sep 2020
Meet the revolutionary new golf towel that cleans your ball

Never complain about your golf ball being dirty again with the revolutionary new Caddyboo Golf Towel.

Available to purchase for €21 in a range of different colours, the product is an ultra-low profile golf towel and golf ball cleaning system that resembles that of a small, sleek designer envelope.

Its moist interior microfibre easily wipes away every trace of dirt and mud, while its leakproof design and strong magnetic seal keeps the towel cleaning surface moist, and your pocket clean and dry.

All you have to do is water it, rinse it and use it. 


Moist surface: Once you wet the microfiber lining, it will remain moist all day long.
Leakproof: The waterproof membranes enable the cleaning surface to stay moist and your pockets dry.
Magnetic seal: A powerful magnetic seal traps dirt, keeping your hands and pocket clean at all times.

Ultra low profile: The small, slim device easily fits in your hand and your pocket without compromise.
Mesh scrubber: A mesh panel removes the toughest dirt your golf ball can pick up.
Ball marker holder: A convenient holder allows you to efficiently store your ball marker before and after cleaning.


Machine washable, hang dry with the Caddyboo Golf Towel laid flat opened.


Dimensions (Closed): 6.4cm x 10.8cm
Dimensions (Opened): 12.8cm x 10.8cm
Weight (Dry): 22g


Wise Blue, Mindful Green, Thoughtful Grey, Easy Pink, Creative Yellow, Dreamy Blue, Mellow Grey, Adventurous Lime 

For more information and to purchase, please visit the Caddyboo website