The new drivers and their spin profiles

Do you know about your driver's spin profile? Find out...

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Mon, 16 Oct 2017


So you've bought yourself a brand new driver, or you're at least thinking about it. But have you considered whether or not that driver in question is really suited to your game.

Drivers come with all different designs and gadgets these days, yet one of the most important purchasing factors when it comes to the big dog is whether your driver is high spin, standard or low spin.  

According to The Belfry's professional golfer and custom fit technician Neil Wain "generally golfers with more clubhead speed require less spin, and golfers with less clubhead speed require more spin.

"A standard model is the most neutral and tends to fit the widest range of players."


Neil adds: "Generally higher spinning drivers are easier to hit as they have a bigger sweetspot (MOI; moment of inertia) than lower spinning ones. The weight is closer to the face on lower spinning drivers and so this brings the MOI down."

Obviously if you opt for a custom fitting, which we would always recommend, then this choice will be made instantly clear to you with your PGA  pro.

However, if you do end up plucking a brand new driver off the shelf and aren't quite sure which one to choose, here's a helpful table to give you a clearer picture of where all the spin lies...


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