New PXG driver surfaces on conforming list

It's two years since PXG launched its first driver - is this their new product?

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Tue, 14 Feb 2017

A new PXG driver has emerged on the USGA’s conforming list, but a source told Golf Digest the 0811XF is merely a prototype ad is not being developed for an upcoming launch.


Luxury golf club company PXG is known for producing some excellent irons, but the brand’s metals have fallen short of the high standards set by its other equipment.

Two years ago, the company launched its first driver in the 0811, so the industry is expecting a new product in 2017.

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PXG often have multiple clubs on the conforming list at the same time, sometimes being developed for their staffers, which includes world number one Lydia Ko, Open champion Zach Johnson and former Masters winner Charl Schwartzel.

Tungsten and titanium screws and weight ports appear to remain in the 0811XF, as seen in the previous iteration.