Nissan launches a new golf ball that you will ALWAYS hole a putt with!

Nissan's new golf ball will debut in September. This is mad! WATCH it in action...

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Wed, 28 Aug 2019

Nissan has developed a golf ball that has the ability of turning a 28-handicap golfer into Rory McIlroy on the greens by allowing anyone to hole a putt. 

The Japanese automobile manufacturer is not going to be entering the golf equipment market anytime soon, but the company is very much keen to show off its upgraded driver assistance technology called ProPilot.

Nissan's new golf ball will make its debut in the Nissan Skyline in September, but only in Japan. 

Essentially, no matter how bad your aim is, how hard you hit the putt, your golf ball will still find a way into the hole thanks to Nissan's updated ProPilot 2.0 technology. The corrections will be instantly made to your putt to ensure the putt drops. 

You can watch Nissan's self-driving golf ball in action in the video below, reflecting similarities with Nissan's driving experience.

The video shows a little budding golfer stepping onto the green with his putter. He takes one quick glance at the cup and then drains the putt from long range that would even make a FedEx Cup champion happy...



So what makes this golf ball so clever?

Well, Nissan uses an overheard camera that detects the position of the golf ball and the hole. 

When a player strikes a putt, the golf ball calculates the correct route to the cup, and then adjusts its speed and trajectory via an internal electric motor. 

Unfortunately this golf ball won't be allowed in tournament play - no doubt much to your disappointment. 

We wonder what Bryson DeChambeau makes of all of this fancy technology? It would certainly help speed him up at least. 



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