Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters

GolfMagic shows you some of its favourite Stroke Lab putters from Odyssey.

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Thu, 9 May 2019
Stroke Lab showcase

Earlier this year, Odyssey released its new range of putters featuring a revolutionary technology that had never been seen in putters before, Stroke Lab. A technology that canphysically improve the consistency of your backswing, face angle at impact, ball speed and ball direction.

Whether you know it or not, most putting strokes are inconsistent. Most of the current putter technologies aim to improve putter alignment or the quality of roll, but this year, Odyssey changed the game. The new Odyssey StrokeLab putter family helps improve the stroke through a profound change in weight distribution made possible by an innovative new shaft. 

The StrokeLab shaft is a full 40 grams lighter than previous Odyssey shafts, made possible by a new multi-material shaft design that combines a graphite body with a steel tip to net out at just 75g, with most of the mass concentrated in the tip. Odyssey has redistributed that saved weight by adding 10g to the head in the form of two sole weights, and adding 30g to the grip-end via a 10g-lighter grip and 40g end-weight.

GolfMagic recently took a few of its favourites Stroke Lab putters to the La Cala Resort in Spain to put the new technology to the test and the lads were more than impressed with the results...

Odyssey stroke lab showcase