Page 5: The different types of spin

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Tue, 6 Jun 2017

Page 5: The different types of spin

#5 - SPIN

Golf balls are designed with either low, mid or high spin, which means the backspin imparted by the loft of the club. 

Low spin: These balls tend to decrease side spin on your shots, causing the ball to fly straighter through the air and roll further once landing. This type of ball is more suited to golfers who tend to slice the ball and struggle to find distance.


Mid spin: These balls try to incorporate the best from both distance (low spin) balls and soft (high spin) balls. They are aimed at the widest range of golfers and are suitable for use by all standards in all conditions.

High spin: These balls are designed to spin the most through the air, creating a longer carry. A high-spinning ball will not get the run out on the fairway of a low or mid spin ball - but will make up for it with added control and feel around the greens.