PXG suing TaylorMade over P790 irons

New TaylorMade P790 irons inject Speedfoam into cavity - a similar tech to PXG's TPE insert

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PXG suing TaylorMade over P790 irons

PXG founder Bob Parsons is suing TaylorMade as he believes the P790 irons infringe on his brand's patents.

The new P790 iron has “Speedfoam” injected into the cavity of the club, a liquid which turns to a soft foam to improve distance, forgiveness and feel.

PXG inject Thermoplastic Elastomer into their irons, a hard plastic substance, for similar benefits.

Parsons revealed the news via Twitter.  








Will be interested in seeing what they have actually filed, as filling with foam (or whatever) is not an innovation. Have 'screws' on the back is also not an innovation either.

Publicity for PXG? ... maybe, but if it gets upheld or thrown out then TM will look better as their irons are much cheaper, so will seem like good value :)