PXG unveil new 0311 Gen2 line of irons

PXG 0311 Gen 2 irons: new material fills the cavity, called COR2

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Fri, 16 Mar 2018

Luxury golf brand PXG has revealed its new line of irons - the 0311 Gen2 - which come in four head shapes.

The big story is the new material that fills the cavity in the iron, called COR2, which replaces the TPE used in the original 0311 irons.


PXG say it’s 20% faster than TPE, and works with the face cavity for 40% better dispersion, and 1-2mph more ball speed.

They have also been able to put more material into the cavity and the overall face area by 15%, for a bigger sweet spot.

An 8620 carbon steel is used, twice the strength of the previous material for better durability, while also said to maintain the same soft feel.

PXG’s trademark tungsten weights remain, pulling the CG to the perimeters of the club for forgiveness.


"We're constantly pushing the technology boundaries," Parsons said. "This was the first iron that checked all the boxes since the Gen1. It's better in every regard and the numbers back that claim up."

Last year there were three models, but the new line has four.

"The great thing about having four distinct models is that you can mix and match throughout the set," said Mike Nicolette, PXG's senior designer. "So if you're a better player who wants a bit more forgiveness in the long irons, you might go with 0311P and 0311T. That's the beauty of having so many options to choose from."

0311T Gen2

Tour version. Slimmer and softer profile, with more mass towards the toe side.


0311P Gen2

Replaces the 0311, and has more offset, straighter leading edge, less sole camber. More rounded appearance.

Longer blade length compared to the Tour iron, for increased forgiveness, without full game improvement characteristics.


0311XF Gen2

Game improvement option, with long blade length, thick topline, sole and high launch. More offset compared to previous model.


Super game improver, with noticeable thicker topline and sole, and increased offset.

Price: $400 per club, $500 with Xtreme Dark Finish

Available: 19 April  


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