REVEALED: The 4 biggest problems with golf club fitting

Custom golf club fitting is all the rage today - but you must tread carefully...

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Tue, 7 Aug 2018
The 4 biggest problems with golf club fitting


Custom fitting golf clubs now appears the norm when it comes to purchasing new irons, drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, wedges, and putters - but there are FOUR BIG PROBLEMS with the process writes Advanced PGA Member Duncan Woolger.


With such a bespoke service being given it's always my hope that the player has had a good fitting by someone that has asked questions about the wants and needs of the player, and how the equipment is going to help the player improve their game.

The following four problems I'm about to address are what I commonly see if the player hasn't been asked some key questions beforehand, such as 'what ball flight do you want to hit?', 'which areas of your game do you want to improve?' and 'are you having lessons?'

I work hand in glove with club fitters but if you don't get asked those questions, among others, then these are the four most common problems I see...