TaylorMade reveals new M2 metalwoods

TaylorMade revamps popular M2 metalwood family, and launches a new D-Type version. 

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Tue, 6 Dec 2016

Following the huge success of the M2 driver this season, TaylorMade is raising the bar even further in 2017 with an update to its M2 metalwood line.

The M2 driver has taken worldwide Tours by storm in 2016, and has recently seen an influx of players, none bigger than Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy switching for its services.

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For 2017, the key breakthrough technology for the M2 driver is a new design technique called 'Geocoustic'. 

“In 2016, golfers of all abilities discovered what the multi-material M2 could deliver,” said TaylorMade's Brian Bazzel.

“In 2017, they will find an even more forgiving and more explosive M2 lineup, break-through performance unlocked by the use of new material formulations and clever geometric shaping.” 


2017 M2 DRIVER

Following in the footsteps of its M1 predecessor, the M2 driver achieves both distance and forgiveness through the utilisation of a new multi-material construction and advanced shaping by way of a breakthrough design technique called ‘Geocoustic’.

Along with this new Geocoustic design, the M2 driver houses a newly-designed Speed Pocket that is three times more flexible than its predecessor.

The new Geocoustic feature - the sunken sole portion of the driver - combines geometry and acoustical engineering to unlock more forgiveness and best-in-class sound.

This section utilises an ultra-light, thick-thin 9-1-1 Titanium, a design that enabled engineers to free up volume while not raising the centre of gravity.

This freed up volume allowed engineers to make the driver’s head larger, both the visible footprint as well as the club’s face (7%), ultimately making the driver not only appear more visibly forgiving, but feel more forgiving at the same time.


The breakthrough in acoustical engineering was achieved by the new sunken sole curvature, making it stiffer and easier to manage vibrations caused at impact. With this added stiffness, minimal sound ribs were needed to create best-in-class sound and feel of the M2.

The new lower density 9-1-1 Titanium body, 6-layer carbon composite crown and minimal sound ribs allowed for 25g of discretionary mass to be relocated low and back in the sole of the club. Together, these applications combine to increase the overall inertia of the M2 driver over the 5,000 g-cm2 barrier without sacrificing low CG, hot trajectory or aerodynamic performance.

The M2 is equipped with the new, ultra-lightweight 4 degree, 12 position aluminum loft sleeve and the Fujikura Pro XLR8 56 (high launch) in A, R, S and X flexes along with a new dual-texture 360 performance grip for great feel throughout the swing.

In addition to a standard model, TaylorMade is also offering a higher-launching, more draw-biased model of the M2, the M2 D-Type (also 460cc). The D-Type driver (D representing draw) combines multiple draw-biasing design technologies to deliver an average of 12 yards, and up to 20 yards, of built-in draw-bias to help players who consistently fight fade-to-slice trajectories find more fairways.

In addition to the multimaterial construction, Geocoustic sole and active Speed Pocket, the D-Type is more heel-weighted, has slight offset and uses advanced visual cues to promote a square face at address and a more draw-biased face at impact.

The M2 D-Type driver comes equipped with Matrix’ OZIK MFS X5 shaft (high launch) and 360 dual feel performance grip. M2 and M2 D-Type are offering more than 30 additional premium custom shaft options at no upcharge.

The new M2 driver is available at retail on January 27 at £369, and will be offered in 9.5°, 10.5° & 12° loft options, while LH models will be offered in 9.5° and 10.5° lofts.


In the M2 Fairway, the ultimate distance fairway has been made even more forgiving by way of the incorporation of a recessed 6-layer carbon composite crown, inverted cone technology (for the first time in a TaylorMade fairway) and a new Geocoustic-driven sole design.

Additionally, a longer, more flexible Speed Pocket and lighter fluted hosel create a low CG that produces fast ballspeeds for an incredibly long, high launching and low spinning fairway. RocketBallz broke engineering boundaries that enabled engineers to create a fast fairway wood that revolutionized the industry.

Since the introduction of RocketBallz, fairway woods have become consistently faster and faster; at the same time, more playable by way of shallower, more low-profile designs.

The point has been reached where these playable fairways can be engineered to be so fast that using inverted cone technology can deliver driver like performance in a wood more often throughout a larger area of the face.

The new, more forgiving M2 fairway takes from some of TaylorMade’s highestperforming and most successful products in its lineage in becoming the company’s next great fairway wood: M2 ‘16 meets V-Steel meets RocketBallz and pushed beyond.

Equipped with the M2 REAX shaft designed in weights most appropriate for each golfers’ swing speed, 75 S-flex, 65 R-flex, 55 A-flex, and 45 L-flex. For golfers looking for a more personalized fit, several aftermarket shafts and grips are available at no additional charge.

Additionally, it comes with a new 47g Dual Feel Performance Grip for men and 37g Winn version for women.

The new M2 fairway is available at retail on January 27 at £229 and will be offered in 15° (3), 16.5° (3HL) & 18° (5), 21° (5HL) and 24° (7HL) loft options, while LH models will be offered in 15°, 16.5° & 18° lofts.

2017 M2 RESCUE

The low-profile body of the new M2 Rescue has a tiered two-tone crown that showcases the distinctive and iconic look TaylorMade’s M series of product has become known for.

Underneath the hood lies the engine of the club, which lies on the sole, where a longer, more flexible Speed Pocket offers speed and forgiveness.

The new Geocoustic sole design and a short, fluted hosel work in tandem to optimise sound and feel at impact. This Rescue is designed to help average golfers replace a long iron with higher, longer and more draw biased performance.

Equipped with the M2 REAX shaft designed in weights most appropriate for each golfers’ swing speed, 85 S-flex, 75 R-flex, 65 A-flex, and 55 L-flex. Additionally, it comes with a new Dual Feel Performance Grip for men and equivalent Winn version for women.

The new M2 Rescue is available at retail on January 27 at £189, and will be offered in 19° (3), 22° (4), 25° (5) and 28° (6) lofts, while LH models will be offered in 19°, 22° and 25° lofts. 

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