Titleist introduces "breakthrough" TSR1 driver, fairway and hybrid

The TSR1 is designed to bring players effortless speed, distance and high launch without sacrificing forgiveness, looks and feel.

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Mon, 23 Jan 2023
Titleist introduces "breakthrough" TSR1 driver, fairway and hybrid

Titleist has introduced the final additions to the breakthrough TSR metalwood family with the TSR1 driver, fairway and hybrid.

The TSR1 driver is built for ultra-lightweight speed and distance. The moderate swing speed players reportedly account for about one-third of all golfers, so the TSR1 provides these players with launch characteristics and effortless speed.

It is a maximum-performance 460cc driver that is roughly 40g lighter than the TSR2. The elimination of excess weight is combined with improved aerodynamics to help golfers swing this driver faster through the air.

Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness technology found in other TSR driver models assists in speed retention from off-centre hits, while a deep centre of gravity perfectly centred in the face promotes higher launch and exceptional ball speed.

TSR1 drivers feature MMT SpeedMesh shafts that play under 40g in all flexes, offering ultra-lightweight speed paired with incredible stability and energy transfer at impact.

The TSR1 fairway metals are the lightest and highest launching TSR fairway metals which are designed to help moderately fast players to get more speed out of every strike.

TSR1 fairways have a larger footprint than the TSR2 offerings at 180cc, but the TSR1 is 20g lighter. An open hosel construction helps create a deeper centre of gravity that promotes higher launch and more forgiveness.

TSR1 fairway metals also have a 15% higher MOI than their predecessor thanks to improved shaping and weighting. For golfers seeking to get the ball up higher and faster, the TSR1 is designed just for that.

The TSR1 hybrids are built for golfers seeking distance and stability. They achieve more speed and higher MOI through their enhanced profile and ultra-lightweight construction.

A larger wood-type clubhead allows for a deeper centre of gravity placement and a more confidence-inspiring look at address. The larger profile still achieves performance gains without increasing swing weight.

TSR1 prices:

TSR1 drivers £529 | TSR1 fairways £289 | TSR1 hybrids £259


New Titleist TSR1 drivers, fairway metals and hybrids will be available for pre-sale on February 9 and in golf shops worldwide beginning February 23.

TSR1 lofts:

Driver: RH: 9, 10, 12 | LH: 10 (9 and 12 custom only)

Fairway: RH and LH: 3W (15), 5W (18), 7W (20), 9W (23) | (custom only)

Hybrid: RH and LH: 4H (20), 5H (23), 6H (26), 7H (29) | (custom only)

TSR1 shafts:

Driver and fairways: Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 40 (Men’s) and 35 (Ladies)

Hybrids: Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 50 HY (Men’s) and 40 HY (Ladies)

TSR1 grips:

Drivers: Golf Pride TV 360 Lite Grey Flat Cap

Fairways: Golf Pride TV 360 Lite Plus Dark Grey Flat Cap

Hybrids: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 No Paintfill